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Referring to your Employees’ Manual

18 November 2014 by Laddie F. Hutar

rtfmAn Employees’ Manual contains the company rules and regulations as they pertain to the employee. It explains:
1) the company’s purpose and philosophy,
2) working hours,
3) insurance program,
4) sick leave information,

As the small company grows, an employee manual generally evolves by holding meetings of various key groups and recording various policies that are in effect at the time. Then through a series of follow-up meetings, the manual is organized, up-dated and distributed to the employees for their ready personal use.

In larger companies, the employees’ manual can be detailed and lengthy.

Questions for Reflection:

Have you read your Employees’ Manual?
If it’s been a while, read it again. Is there anything new,¬†or that you forgot?
How does writing and distributing a manual like this help management operate?


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