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Knowing Your Working Hours

07 October 2014 by Laddie F. Hutar

Working Hours are the hours during the day when you are required to be on the job. They are set by management and have a starting and ending time and may include scheduled times for coffee breaks, lunch, etc. Setting standard working hours lets the company schedule production, deliveries, store hours, etc. One of the measures of a good worker is that he is not only on the premises at the starting time but that he is at his work station and ready to work. Most try to arrive at their work stations a few minutes before starting time to just look things over before the work day begins. At the end of the day, the good worker works until the end of the work period and then begins to prepare for departure. He has pride in his work habits and the fact that on the job as in life, he delivers with a desire for thoroughness and excellence.


Questions for Reflection:
What are your working hours?
Evaluate your work habits. Are they good? Bad?
How could you improve your performance during work hours?


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