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A Series of Little Daily Victories

24 April 2012 by Laddie F. Hutar

There’s two ways to succeed in small business:
1. Trial and Error [takes time, high rate of failure]
2. Buy Smarts [high rate of success]

My name is Laddie Hutar, and I sell small business smarts. There are plenty of places you could go for business advice, both on the web and offline. However, how many of them have been helping small businesses grow for 45 years? How many of them have a client-base that has grown in value by over $500 million dollars?

I have specialized in Growth Management Development with my Continued Improved Growth Program for small businesses for 45 years. Since graduating with a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and starting the Famous Executives Management Institute in 1967, I have developed over 25,000 solutions for businesses I work with, and put in over 77,000 consulting hours in the battlefield of business. You won’t find another with those qualifications, because there are none. Growth Development is more than just dollars and cents- it’s also about personal growth.

As we reach Summer of 2012, unemployment is above 8%, and I believe it will go up from here. Disposable income is disappearing, and new tax regulation will make it even harder to conduct business for those precious few dollars left. In 1864, British philosopher Herbert Spencer coined the term “survival of the fittest” in response to Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Not in the past 30 years has it been as relevant in the business world as it is today. Of the small businesses in operation today, we will lose over 15% within the next five years. Will you be one of the surviving businesses? Not only can you survive, but you can thrive in this economy. I can show you how.

I hope to see you back here twice a month. I will be updating with timely posts every other Tuesday; these will come to be known as Hutar Growth Tuesdays. Be ready for news bits, statistics, marketing ideas, and how to combat the new obstacles coming your way. Buckle up- the future will be a bumpy ride; there will be many losers. You don’t have to be one of them. You can win by coming back every 14 days for Hutar Growth Tuesdays. See you in a fortnight.

Laddie Hutar


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